businesscard-vert073012-1I work as a visual designer and graphic problem solver. Very Ideal Design is an exploratory approach that focuses on flexibility and accessibility for all team members. While I can be a one stop shop, it’s much better to work with existing teams to unravel the wrinkles that impede your team’s progress in-house.

Much of my work is visual problem solving in the areas of Identity, Web & Environment.


  • Design / Brand Development for web & print
  • Guidance on Managing Digital Assets
  • Online Marketing & Social Media Plans
  • WordPress / CMS Installation & Configuration
  • Monthly Maintenance and/or Tutorial Plans
  • A la Carte and last minute Graphic Projects
  • I do not write copy or do custom coding. I do enhance and refine existing.

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Working Process: We meet to discuss your needs, current frustrations and future desires and assess your current methods of communication, from your business card to your website. I will craft a proposed plan of action estimate based on value of work created, and time estimated to complete. We then agree to a plan that is simple to understand/use, and built for growth. Assessments on your computer and print capabilities will bridge the gap that resides between good and great for your business communications. We may also discuss how and who will do future updates. Start our conversation here.